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Hortajalil Enterprises, Inc.

We are willing to research on your market interests.

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Our Company is specialized in:

  • Imports and Exports operations from Exotic Countries and Emerging Markets. Our main products are: Raw Materials, Spare Parts, Equipment, Wood, Building Materials, and a large range of top-quality products.
  • Full Marketing Support and Advice included.
  • Trust and reliability purchase orders, develops a database of sales prospects, establishes relationships with proven buyers.
  • Market Database of Suppliers in a quick glance with a full list of Suppliers.

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Hortajalil Enterprises, Inc. provides round-the clock services and we are willing to research on your market interests.

We will look for the best buying-selling solutions, the best technologies with optimum use of transportation and safety in our operations. This allows for the best decision, a perfect combination regarding amount, quality, price and technology. This is also translated in efficiency and competitiveness of our operations and commercial - technical services.


  • Sourcing Worldwide - we find products, suppliers, manufacturers and buyers from exotic countries and emerging markets.
  • Import & Export Operations.
  • International Business and Professional Consulting.
  • Worldwide Commodities Supplies.
  • Promoting your Products.
  • Working out Optimal Schemes of Business.
  • Worldwide Business and Marketing Support.

Please, just let us know about your sales and purchase needs and our company agents will take care of the market research management, technologies, quality and prices for you. From the very first contact, you will be informed of all our actions, we will provide you the best solutions and ways to satisfy your needs, we will also inform you about the best offer in the market and move forward to negotiate the best deal for your own satisfaction.


  • Technological Solutions, Offers, and Products: Our Energy Engineering and Export Departments of Hortajalil Enterprises, Inc, will provide you the best solution to your needs.

  • Marketing Support, Feasibility Studies, Optimal Schemes of Business: Our I+D Department will find you and prepare for you a comprehensive technical, commercial, business proposal and economical information according to your needs.

  • Database of Suppliers and Buyers in many fields all around the world, in order to help companies to determine overall buy and sales market opportunities.

Hortajalil Enterprises, Inc., will be your reliable partner, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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